Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Like the slithery transition between
sleep and waking, a year begins to slip
into history, taking with it those electric
moments when everything was possible.

Endings bring sadness, finality, no more
chances to shape events, pull from
the distractions in my head the jagged
start-stop of best intentions.

Leaves fall from my tree of hope,
gather on the ground dampness, slowly
decaying into new life, but forever lost
to my mania for fixing what went wrong

with this year’s plan – going for the dreams
and passions that I always knew would not
survive loneliness or bring me comfort. I see them
dangling at my window, through glassy tears.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Thoughts

Just a few lines this morning to say to you all, a very Merry Christmas! There are still a few traces of snow on the ground and it is a chilly 30 degrees, so it really feels like Christmas here in Sonoita.

While you are enjoying your holiday festivities, please send a thought of love and healing to my six-year-old great grandson, James, who has just been diagnosed with leukemia. He is in Loma Linda Medical Center where he will get great care and, we earnestly hope, a quick and full recovery. It is a scary time for such a little guy, and for his family.

I was just listening to Josh Groban's Christmas album, Noel, and the song that chokes me up each time I hear it..."There's So Much to be Thankful For." How very true! In spite of the challenging times that come to us all, we are blessed beyond measure.

Warmest holiday wishes to you all!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bethlehem of My Heart

I am ready now
for the birth of hope
the advent of trust,
heart standing poised
to welcome the faint music of angels

here is the light of a star
shining down on my persistent
struggle to rejoice in the now
savoring the silken wrap
of love that is my daily miracle

I am ready now
awaiting the grace
the spring in the desert
the promise of the song that will be sung
as long as breath remains


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Decking the Halls...fa la la la la!

Just finished decorating the tree...a bit casually, I must admit. As I stand back and look, I think it may have been stuffed in that bag one year too often. I reminded myself that once it gets dark and all the room lights are lowered, the fireplace lit, I will say, as I always do...this is the most beautiful tree we've ever had! Makes me smile to realize that I look better with the lights lowered too! Maybe much of life is about perspective, standing back at a little distance and not being too particular about the details.

I notice that my decorations have become mostly about angels. I am intrigued by them, the symbolism, the shapes and styles...all so different but somehow so soothing and peaceful to have around. I don't know about the theology of angels or the truth about them guarding us. I'd like to think so but I'm just not sure. Meanwhile, I plan to 'act as if' we are under the watchful care of the lovely angels that I have collected (or attracted, perhaps?) over the years. What's not to like about that concept?

Meanwhile, the decking of the halls is almost finished, such as it is. Then it will be on to the kitchen, where Christmas really happens! There are menus to plan, cookies to know the drill. And the music is playing, the wonderful Christmas classics that never fail to put me in the mood. I hope you are listening and enjoying the sounds of the season.

Much love to you all!