Wednesday, January 13, 2010

OK, I admit it. For all the years that I taught classes and seminars in "Change Management", I have become more change-averse than I ever thought possible. Today really confirmed that. Tom and I went to Best Buy, and though I won't bore you with the ugly details, there were alien words like "router", "wireless" and "network" involved. We, of course, ended up buying more than we planned, but only because the nice boy in the blue shirt assured us that we wouldn't be happy settling for less. At any moment, I expected to hear a PA announcement say "Geezer-assist on aisle 3!" Now, in a former life, Tom was a computer wizard, but now not so much, and though I have never been even close, I do have a nubbin of knowledge that just lets me mess up at a deeper level. It's positively frightening! We'll see if our new high-speed router improves our lives in every imaginable way. I'm running as fast as I can, but my high-speed days are behind me...of this I'm pretty certain!

End of whine!

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