Friday, January 15, 2010

Please help!

Dear friends, I trust you have been as moved as I, watching the horrible news from Haiti. If you have not already done so, I urge you to help the relief effort in whatever way you are able. There are many fine charities, American Red Cross, UNICEF, church aid programs (just be sure that when you give it is through a legitimate channel) but money is what is most needed now. You've probably seen "Text 90999" advertised to donate $10 through your cell phone bill. Please join me in sending whatever you can to help this devastated country begin the terrible task of recovery. Thanks. The poem below woke me in the night, though mere words cannot convey the reality.


the ground twists
with timeless equanimity,
a natural occurrence
in the planetary construct,
that we will not be able
to comprehend, the devastation
too complete.

the family of earth weeps
that all has been taken
from those who had nothing,
to heap upon the afflicted
a new portion of torment,
leaving an ocean of primal grief
to lap at a crumbled shore
as though nothing had changed,

don’t look away –
stare into the fractured night
where even the trees cry out,
watch in silent disbelief,
as if the earth had disowned
a whole people
where forever only suffering
will survive.

don’t turn away –
look, you recognize them,
they are us, they are us.


  1. That's beautiful, Mom. I just found out last night that Grace Children's Hospital, which I visited so many years ago and have raised funds for over the years, is still standing and the children there are safe. A miracle in the midst of so much tragedy.