Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Cheer in February!

I was planning to post a few thoughts today, but something more important has developed. My great-grandson, James, is in remission from his leukemia! What a great and wonderful relief! He has undergone chemo and radiation since his diagnosis on Dec. 23, but his bone marrow biopsy this week showed no cancer cells! More treatment will be needed for a while, but the big victory has been won! That is all I have to report - what else is there? A six-year-old child has beaten the monster, and I feel like dancing! Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers.

The Future

a small child
conquers a biological system
gone haywire
with chemistry and courage;

a real-life super hero
fighting an unseen enemy
on a sterile battlefield,
captures the flag

and stares into the future
of magical opportunity.


  1. Hooray!! We loved getting this news...what a happy day for everyone.

  2. What a lovely poem! It truly is wonderful news and we are so thrilled and relieved (a little angry too that he should have had to deal with this sh!t at all) but mostly incredibly happy. Thanks for capturing the sentiment perfectly.