Thursday, March 25, 2010


As I sit at my window this morning, looking at some very hopeful signs of spring, I am feeling disturbed at the news reports of the heated rhetoric that is rampant in the country. It saddens me terribly that we are so divided and unable to hear another's point of view without threatening responses. When did we become convinced that there is only one way to think, believe and behave? Intolerance is a poison that can destroy all the things we cherish about this country. This poem, though it is still a work in progress, is a reflection on these things and I felt moved to share it with you.


because someone must speak
for those who have not found their voices

because some echo in the silence, unobtrusive
as a cold desert night

because my churning passion is not yours
though I am convinced of its value

I need to hear your voice, alive
with the alarm you hear in your darkness

because you may hate what I worship
and your fervor drive me mad

because smoke and angels and oblivion
are all figments of our own creation

because childhood, love, death, pain
joy and fear are our universal bonds

I need to hear your raucous voice, though it
breaks through my cherished convictions and rips

apart my own prejudice and terror
the face in the mirror alarmingly like mine

because we cannot exist as one reflection,
one ambition, one monolith of similarity

because we would die of our sameness
melting into the silence of solitary thought

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