Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Over the Hill...what? where? What hill???

I won't say that I was dragged kicking and scratching into my birthday, but I must admit the idea of turning 70 was daunting. So it was a lovely surprise to find the "crossing over" was delightfully easy, and a great deal of fun, mainly due to the friends and family who made it such a wonderful and loving weekend. We enjoyed a Saturday night dinner party at Canela, under the twinkling lights of the patio, with some of the world's best people, some of whom had never met but clearly found their connections right away. I love when that happens! I looked around the table and realized how grateful I am for the love and friendship of these incredible individuals who have added such fullness to my life.

Though I received many beautiful gifts (and you know how I love gifts!)I must mention one in particular, because it was the most unique and personal gift that I have ever received. My dear friend, Christina Wilhelm, whose musical talents are legendary, presented me with a song she has composed to a poem of mine, "The Music." I was left nearly speechless, something that rarely happens to me, as some of you know. It is a beautiful piece of music, but the time and effort it took to produce it is an amazing gift in itself. I am so honored by this incredible gesture of love! Christina's commitment to bringing great music to every corner of her world has truly transformed our community and enriched the lives of us all. She has also demonstrated that one must not get between a woman and her dream! I am so grateful to have her in my life.

My children and friends sent me so much love, plus flowers, candy and songs via phone, that I can only count myself as a very lucky woman indeed. Today, 70 doesn't seem so bad at all. I think I can do this!

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  1. Wow - that IS a fantastic gift!! Glad you had such a lovely day. Love you!!