Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Making Life Happen

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of our moving into our home, and I spent some time thinking about how events in our lives actually happen. I remember quite clearly the day I spotted a drawing of a home on a "house plans" website. Knowing less than nothing about home building was an advantage in my case, as I suspect I would have been intimidated by the thought of picking a picture off the internet and saying 'this is the home I want to live in for the rest of my life.' But that is essentially what happened, and after about a year of floor plan drawings and 8 months of construction, we moved into a home that really was a dream come true!

My point is this: the realization of a dream always begins with the germ of a thought, a 'what if' speculation  that starts everything. Sometimes it is a change of direction or a change of mind, that leads to an action, perhaps almost too small to seem significant.  Of course, life also has a way of throwing rocks in your path to dissuade you from action. It is often a moment when an inside voice dismisses the thought, ridicules your dream or urges you to be realistic. But that voice can also be ignored in pursuit of what you know is meaningful or important to your life. It requires action, however small, to set wheels in motion.

I sat before a darkened window one morning and watched the unspeakable beauty of a sunrise that set the sky aflame and felt an urge to write a poem. It opened a place in me that I did not know existed. Since then, I have come to know the voice within that leads me to a deep place where I find expression of my most profound self. Now I await the publication of my second book of poetry, and I wonder what would have happened if I had stayed in bed that morning and missed the sunrise. Such a small thing, but it began a whole new aspect of life for me.

What small action today might make a difference for your life? What is your dream?

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