Monday, November 22, 2010


I’ve never been good at waiting. I’m a doer, a let’s-tackle-this-problem-and-fix-it kind of person. So when circumstances demand that I just wait, I squirm a bit. Now, I wait for my youngest son Scott’s twins to be born...any minute, but each one seems long indeed. In a year when much of our news has not been good, it is difficult to adequately describe what these babies symbolize for us...hope, courage (it was not easy to create these little ones!), renewed lust for life, and certainly pure joy. I’ve been invited to be there for the birth, which I would dearly love to do, but given the nature of the unknowns, it is unlikely. Still I yearn for the moment when I hold the little boy and girl who will be my next grandchildren and who will be welcomed with such love. Scott and JoAnn will be wonderful parents, and it will be fun to watch this family grow.

I also await the completion of my second book, Dance on a Dirt Road, due any minute. It wasn’t easy to create that either! There are some apt comparisons to giving birth, I suppose, like laboring over each step, many months of anticipation, and finally holding your creation in your hands. Not to be compared in scope or importance, of course, but creation feels good. It feels like Thanksgiving!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, and safe travels wherever you may be going. Here’s a poem appropriate to the day.


The day is full, food and laughter,
music and games, richly laden tables
and flowing wine.

Before the day is gone, blessings
retired to the back of mind,
look around the room.

It is in the faces you see, the hands
you grasp in love, that bliss resides.
This is what you seek.

Touch tenderly those who gather
this day, remind yourself that it is all
you need – you are rich

beyond your dreams.

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  1. This just makes it even sweeter. We are so thrilled to share it with you--whenever it happens!

    We love you, Mom!