Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last night at my writer's group, I was dazzled (not too strong a word!) by my friend Kate Tirion's announcement of the ambitious (not strong enough word!) project she has taken on with another woman. It is world-changing. I cannot possibly due it justice here but it has been on my mind ever since. They have conceived a plan that will help bring Haiti back from the total devestation of the earthquake disaster by building sustainable and perpetually renewable systems and community-centered villages, anchored by a living environment that will encourage responsible growth, entrepreneurship and healthy practices by the Haitian people. It is both beautifully simple and tremendously complex, and it will be a challenge to their immense creativity to deal with governmental bureaucracies and other interested entitities. However it turns out, the wheels have been set in motion to generate positive energy around a country whose traumatized people have all but given up hope to ever live even a modestly healthy existence. And it has implications for any country or area who has suffered natural (or manmade) disasters and needs to 'start from scratch'. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I am filled with admiration for these women and their determination to create change, to meet needs and to believe that it is all possible. My suggestion to the governmental agencies and consulting firms they will have to deal with:  don't mess with these formidable women...they are on a mission!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Butterfly Bush

Under a corrugated morning sky
purple spikes flutter to life.

They quiver on perfect silent wings
in an effortless jazz ballet,
kissing flower, branch and blossom.

It is all they do, the sacred mystery
of single purpose creatures,
faint brushstrokes on a summer canvas,

moving the air, transforming everything
into light, weightless and faultless.
They live in transparency, feed on fragrance.

I press myself inside their world,
to be lifted here and there by a mere breath,
to feel powerful with divine intention.

I want to live in a flower.

Oh, How We Grow!

A wonderful advantage of being the family's oldest generation is the perspective you gain as you watch your children and their children, and their children's children grow and nurture their offspring. We have just welcomed a (fifth) great grandchild and it is so exciting, so full of grace and promise. The birth of a new baby is a mystical glimpse into the wonder of life. Just look into the eyes of a newborn if you have any doubt about miracles.

But wait, there's more! A few weeks ago we received a huge surprise from son Scott and his wife, JoAnn. Married twelve years and parents to their 'furkids', two Whippets...turns out they (not the Whippets) are expecting TWINS! Boy/girl on Christmas day, no less. In his own inimitable way, Scott created a graphic and hysterical way of announcing the news. You can check it out at

I feel blessed beyond measure.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She's Here! Seven pounds, four ounces of little pink great-granddaughter!

Welcome to the world, Alyssa! Your arrival prompted a poem, written in your honor.

For Alyssa

Sweet child,
far-staring eyes so wise,
what do you know
that we must learn?

Do you know the joy your birth
has coursed into our lives,
filling us with splendid purpose,
giving us brighter dreams,

washing us with fresh hope,
that everything we do
we will strive to do better
because of you.

We are your family, your teachers,
your defenders, your guardians,
all of us, on your side...