Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look up tonight and ponder...

Star Light

the weight of all those wishes upon the first star
must be difficult to bear, the whole planet
thrumming with desires, mourning broken dreams,
longing to end their longing, to once again
surge with hunger for the life they intended.

star bright, just one small wish is all they ask.
right my boat, let me sail smooth seas, let me float
far from here where I have lost the memories,
lost the answers, the compass --
set me a new course, dear star, set me free.

in the early twilight I see it, a gleaming pearl
alone in the dusky violet, as though it shines
on only me, and I send up a quiet yearning,
keep this small boat on this small sea
on this cherished earth headed toward hope.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Monsoon Colors

I live on a red dirt road which today
the monsoon has made slick as an oil spill.
I am awash in color, so dazzling
it almost hurts to look;

the storms bring clouds like a blinding avalanche
and turn our golden grasses to green
of too many shades to count,
gleaming against the cornflower sky.

night rains saturate the ground,
the sound like the heartbeat of the earth,
lit by distant flicker of lightening.

perilous as life is, it rises to meet me
with a sweetness and generosity
just when my cup needs filling.

A Different Kind of Life

It has been four years since we moved to this village in the grasslands of Arizona. We were both "city folk," accustomed, as most of you are, to running down to the supermarket on the corner for a few items, taking a five-minute drive to the mall to take in a movie or do a little retail therapy. We wondered, as some of you did, if we would adjust and enjoy this very different lifestyle. Well, we did and we do. It is different from anything we had known before. Here are a few examples: the Post Office closes for lunch, as does the pharmacy. Restaurants are not all open every day, and it is tricky to remember the schedules. The UPS man occasionally spots me in town and hails me down to give me a package. There is no trash pickup, so every other week or so we haul our accumulated garbage and trash to the landfill, which is sometimes the highlight of the day! The nearest supermarket is 35 miles away and every trip to a doctor (of which there have been many) is a 100-mile roundtrip. I could go on, but you get the idea.

Right now we are enjoying our beautiful monsoon season, with fabulous clouds and stunning green everywhere we look. Around every bend in the road one encounters such breathtaking scenery that it is impossible not to be filled with gratitude. I often must pull off the road to take pictures...the colors, the cows -- it makes me smile! Oh, and pulling off the road is no problem. There probably isn't another vehicle in sight. Yesterday, after loading up at Costco in Tucson in 98 degree heat and humidity, I headed for home where it was 75 and breezy. Just delicious!

What more can I say? I love it here! Come sit on our patio, share a glass of local wine and enjoy the beautiful view.