Friday, April 8, 2011

What? It's Spring? You're kidding...when did that happen?

Haven't been around much lately. Anywhere! Many naps and daytime TV. Yikes, I hope my body heals before my mind rots! I am beginning to emerge into real life, pretty much free of Percocet so that I can read and write again. I've decided it is dangerous for me to write while medicated. I tend to think it's all brilliant until the cold light of morning when I discover it is drivel! Have been working on this one for a while and, apart from whatever quality it may or may not possess, it describes my state of mind lately.
Maybe you've had thoughts like these...don't we all in our low times? I wish us all good cheer and hope!

Surviving April

And so it came on, relentless, oblivious
of my need for silence and dark in which to heal.
Spring’s euphoria will not be ignored.

I hoped for another month of winter, where
cocooned in down, I could escape attention, hidden
from curious glances and gestures of kindness.

I yearn to slip my skin and absorb my own shadow,
to turn into the wind with only my thin songs
of longing and let my healing occur in the blurred mist.

Waking early, I remember whale song in my sleep –
something to savor while I wait for the return
of cheer, some silver-edged promise of illumination.

I know I must tunnel out, emerge like the leaves
on the sycamore, too green, too tender, frail,
but pulsing, once again, with possibility.

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  1. Your wings are drying! What a great relief--and promise for greater freedom!