Monday, June 20, 2011

Down To What Matters

here, at last, is where truth lives
on the bitter edge of loss

where we sing no pale songs of  regret
shed no tears for faded memories

no confessions of bad choices or failures
resentment of time’s devastation
no slippery denials or ego defense

relief is a fragrant warm bath on a cold night
senses ablaze, skin crying out for touch

naked honesty, open arms extended,
waits here in silence, all is forgiven

what has been held back is released
like caged doves to spiral into dreams
and submit to ancient instincts

save yourself for days filled with strawberries,
nights with sweet merlot and stars,

tenderness pours down, fills the aching abyss,
soothing tattered hearts and savaged spirits

with love that transcends old forms,
freedom for which words have not been invented
and finds silvery solace in this moment,

which is all that matters.

from Sip Wine, Drink Stars (2009)

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