Saturday, June 4, 2011


Light changes everything, tricks the eye
and then the heart, to believe in the mysterious,
a canticle of temporary, breakable or already
broken dreams and songs that were meant
to last forever.

At nightfall I can believe in many things
impossible in the luminous morning;
the nacreous moon steals reason,
hides truth behind a tranquil fa├žade,
impassive, pretending and remote.

I see you silvery, as through a prism of water,
or a veil of forest leaves mottled in a dozen
shades of green, there but for a fleeting second
and then not there, beyond my reach, grasping,
groping to touch your face.

So much regret, so much loss, pooled on the floor
like a sheer curtain, shielding but exposing
injury that cannot heal or mend itself
as though we were already gone, leaving nothing
in its place that I can trust.


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