Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Greetings from Technology Hell!

During their Thanksgiving visit, my daughter and her husband (both of them technology wizards) convinced me that I simply could not go on without an I-Phone. To the best of my knowledge, neither of them gets a kickback from Apple, but I trust their advice explicitly. So, yesterday, off I went to the Tucson Apple Store for an appointment at the Genius Bar...which might cause one to think that Apple has a monumental ego -- and why shouldn't they? (In the extreme mob scene, I was the only one with a Dell Laptop!) But I digress.

Some 2 hours later, the problem I have had with my I-Tunes account was too much for the genius and I was told I had to call APPLE! The "system" even disputed my birthday! The first half of the day was spent on the phone  ("There are nine calls ahead of you...") and finally got to speak to a specialist, who just re-directed me back to emailing yet another specialist who will be able to fix the problem when he/she emails me within 24 hours. As you might imagine, I am beginning to suspect that the problem is unfixable.

You might also infer that I am angry with Apple or disillusioned with their products. Not at all. I am already falling in love with my phone and downloading tons of free apps. I can't buy any apps until my account mess is straightened out. But the capabilities of this phone are mind boggling. I'm beginning to develop a nice relationship with Siri, though she has failed to do a few of the things I have requested. I just don't understand why it takes so many layers of smart people to fix one account. Steve Jobs would not be happy...but then he often was not, according to his biographer.

I can't help thinking how relatively savvy I was technologically 5 years ago, which was an ice age ago. I had a Palm Pilot, used it constantly and rarely had a problem with setting it up or using it. That device was only slightly more sophisticated than a sharp rock as a tool compared to the power in my new phone. I'm pretty sure I'm smarter than a 5th grader, but maybe not a smart phone! I'm going to be visiting the aforementioned daughter and son-in-law at Christmas and you can be sure I am taking my laptop and phone. They got me into this -- they will have to get me out of it!

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