Friday, December 30, 2011

Hello, New Year! Please be kind to us all!

So here we are again. Another year has passed and another lies ahead. In between, I suspect we've all had our share of good times and not so good. I hope for all of you that there has been more good than bad. I also hope you have had abundant time to be with those who are dearest to you, whether family or friends. We had an enjoyable visit with my children, grands and greats in California with the fun of eating and drinking too much, and laughing a lot. (You cannot do that too much!)

We also got to spend an afternoon with long-time friends, Dave and Glenda. As a couple, there is no one we have known longer and we love them dearly. We attended their 25th wedding anniversary party and their 50th, and that is very special. When we see them, all too seldom these days, I always think that Tom is more his old self, which is wonderful to watch. Dave still cracks him up as he always has and they talk about the 'good old days' as though they were both going back to work on Monday! Because they have not spent a lot of time with Tom since his Alzheimer's was diagnosed, they remember him almost as he was before, and that is a lovely thing. No matter what is going on in our lives, they have been friends we shared with, laughed and cried with and always look forward to seeing again as soon as possible. Trips we took with them are some of our most precious memories. If you are lucky enough to have friends like that, you are blessed indeed.

When you sing "Auld Lang Syne" tomorrow night (and wonder what the heck that means anyway) I hope you sing it with good friends and that you look forward to the newness of discovery, learning and growing in the coming year. Health and happiness, my friends.

Here's a poem from "Dance on a Dirt Road."


Like the slithery transition between
sleep and waking, a year begins to slip
into history, taking with it those unpredictable
moments when everything was possible.

Endings bring sadness, finality, no more
chances to shape events, pull from
the distractions in my head the jagged
start-stop of best intentions.

Leaves fall from my tree of hope,
gather on the ground dampness, slowly
decaying into new life, but forever lost
to my mania for fixing what went wrong

with this year’s plan – going for the dreams
and passions that I always knew would not
survive loneliness or bring me comfort. I see them
dangling at my window, and once again

I believe in beginnings.


  1. Happy New Year Nancy, I pray blessings for you. We will be spending tomorrow evening with our best friends.It's just the 4 of us,but it's been a standing evening for yrs now. We have known them for 25 yrs or more,you quit counting after a while lol.God Bless Dot K

  2. We're staying home tomorrow night - it's a big lasagna night at our house. I agree, though, you gotta keep believing in beginnings because if not, how can we continue? I don't make resolutions or goals any more - I just place my focus on certain areas. It makes sense for me - and I don't have a sense of failure if I don't make those arbitrary goals.

    Because as you know, life happens. Sending you MUCH love - we'll be in Scottsdale in April of the coming year. Would love to see you at some point - I'll be there for a writer's conference though, so not sure about timing.

    hugs, and happy 2012...

  3. We were definitely surrounded by friends and family. (Some great friends who actually blur that line.)

    Happy New Year, dear mother!