Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Poem and a Bit of Small-Town Whimsy

Winter is definitely upon us. This morning, when the deep fog bank lifted, I saw that the snow is creeping ever lower down the mountain (we call it our mountain) and snow is in our forecast. This is a wonderful time of year for those of us in southern Arizona as we actually get to experience a change of seasons, though in a mild and wholly agreeable way. I don't long for deep snowdrifts or extended periods of sub-zero temps. I do dearly love the  dusting of 3-4 inches of snow that coats the morning landscape and is gone by lunchtime. Yes, these Arizona winters are brutal, aren't they?

I wanted to share with you a short video that was made the day after Thanksgiving in Patagonia, AZ. I belong to the area's premier community chorus, Santa Cruz Singers, led by the talented Christina Wilhelm, and this year we decided to attract some attention to ourselves in the hope of encouraging more closet singers to come out and join us. I even got Tom to join us, though he protested some. Still he joined in and persisted even when a little bit lost in the music. For a guy with memory issues, who has never sung in a group before, he was impressive! Hope you will enjoy this clip.

Now for a short poem, to honor my beautiful sycamore tree, that let go of the last of her leaves in the wind that raced through a few days ago. I think she is still beautiful, though barren,


having let go
her brittle autumn glitter
the sycamore shivers
in a winter dress
white bones bleak
as a ribcage
waiting in the void
for the turned-in earth
to waken and dress itself
once more

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