Friday, December 16, 2011


If only it were as easy as that, to deck the hearth and mantle,
drape the archways with boughs of fragrant evergreen
and set the angels holding candles by the door.
I sleep with carols skimming my dreams, a speck
of glitter in my hair, a wisp of powdered sugar on my cheek.
If it is possible to will the glory into existence, I will
put my foot upon the threshold and drag this tableau
into tireless repetition – to celebrate in spite of everything.

For whom is the cedar wreath ribboned in silver? For whom
the bowls of ripe and shining fruit? I see the childhood
visions in my mind, and still I sing the midnight song alone.
It was simpler when there were no choices but tradition,
when one could copy from a picture in a book, a psalm,
a prophecy that seemed so true, a day for children to curl
into the warmth of indulgence. Here love is the motivation
for cherubim and magi, a star my hope, my nativity.


  1. We buried my mother today. At the lunch our 8 yr old grandson came up gave me a huge hug and said how sorry he was about GG (which is what they called my mom)And then he told me how excited he was that she would be in heaven with Jesus for Christmas, and was wondering what kinds of gifts she would get.He is so wise beyound his yrs, and warmed my heart so much.. Love Dot K

  2. What a beautiful way to express the conflict of a modern Christmas for a woman of a certain age with no little ones to enchant and mostly memories of Christmases past. I'm speaking for myself, of course, navigating the terrain and sorting out ways to make it work once again.

  3. This was the first Christmas that I almost thought about not getting a tree, that perhaps I had moved past those years. That there would be so few to share it with to justify the expense.
    No sooner was the tree (I did buy one) in the stand, a box was opened and a flood of memories released. Just a few objects, cut glass and silver, with the initials C. F. B. engraved. My grandfather's mother Carrie. I remembered polishing these as a toddler, one of my holiday chores, just as my grandfather had and my mom had decades before.
    Needless to say the tree didn't get decorated, but there will bo more people to share it with than I thought.