Thursday, February 16, 2012

Facing Truth

This dark night is winter chilled, smoke-scented air rising
from fires where families and lovers warm themselves,
assured of their immunity to ruin, hope the tireless undercurrent.
This dark night I bind myself to memory of the time before,
when pain and grief fit within my palm, and songs of sorrow
lay unsuspecting on my lips, light as a whisper of silk.
Here, where no shadows fall, I thrust my hands into the nightspace
and reach for a thread of grace, something like a prayer,
without betrayal or abandonment, just to feel the ground solid

and undeniable, breaking my fall in a gentle descent into truth
where I face the weight of my solitude, and the audacity to be
alone with fear, to know where and where not to put my trust.


  1. As usual, you cut to the quick. You have such a wonderful capacity for baring the truth of your experience it cannot help but touch us.

    1. Thank you, dear friend. You are a great source of encouragement and comfort.