Monday, March 12, 2012


two rivers converge --
one unhurried, serene,
focused on the steady course,
pliant, content to flow dreamlike,
a languid, idle stream.

the other careens over obstacles
frantic with angry curl, frothing white,
licks across rocks and tree limbs,
accelerating with each bend, each change
in direction manic, here, there, where

do I go for peace? the shallows tempt
but will not let me stay where I may stand
with ease; I am the keeper of the current,
the holder of the memories lost in watery
shadows, ephemeral but etched forever

on my heart where he would not think
to look; I turn to a distant downstream
where one bank is in shadow, one in sun,
and open my hand just below the surface
of the water to surrender my grasp.