Saturday, April 7, 2012

For the Beauty of the Earth

It was one of the first hymns I remember learning as a child. It would often come back to me when in a spectacular venue such as the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Park. How could one not be awash in gratitude in places such as those...they simply overwhelm us with beauty. Later I learned to feel nearly the same appreciation for the more quietly beautiful places, such as the rolling golden grasslands where we now live, surrounded by mountains. Now it is a daily occurence to be overcome with joy over the small lilac bush I planted last year, now about to bloom, the quail who live on our land and delight us with their familial behaviors, the longhorn cattle, and the horses...oh, the horses I would never wish to own, but whose presence always bring a smile to my lips and a song in my heart.

The poem "Fences" was written a few years ago and included in "Sip Wine, Drink Stars", my first book of poetry. It captures a bit of the elegant way in which they enrich our lives here in southeast Arizona, just by being a part of the landscape. "Fences" is a poem which really should be read aloud. It is like a party in your mouth...feel it, listen to your voice as you taste the words.

Then go on to read the little poem about Daffodils. Just breathing in and out the wonders of earth's renewal, yet again this year.


down near the end of the road
three mares graze

and gaze across the grass
where all is bound by fence

flanks twitch, tails switch
a quiet flutter of soft lips

iridescent flies around their eyes
where memories of races and riders reside

they stand in serene silence,
their silhouettes still, stark,

the declining sun setting
their silken backs aglow.

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