Sunday, September 2, 2012

Star Light

the weight of all those wishes upon the first star
must be difficult to bear, the whole planet
thrumming with desires, mourning broken dreams,
longing to end their longing, to once again
surge with hunger for the life they intended.

star bright, just one small wish is all they ask.
right my boat, let me sail smooth seas, let me float
far from here where I have lost the memories,
lost the answers, the compass –
set me a new course, dear star, set me free. 

in the early twilight I see it, a gleaming pearl
alone in the dusky violet, as though it shines
on only me, and I send up a quiet yearning,
keep this small boat on this small sea
headed toward hope.
from  Dance on a Dirt Road


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  2. I just finished Terry Hershey's column for this week, Bridges. This lovely poem, though full of angst, shares the theme of our common humanity.