Friday, December 14, 2012

An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama: Today you have an opportunity to define your legacy. You have expressed what so many of us are feeling...that this senseless and terrible gun carnage has to stop. We've heard all the tired clich├ęs and arguments over and over, all the constitutional so-called mandates and we all know the truth. The drafters of the U.S. constitution did not envision a world where a deranged person would murder 20 little children in their classrooms. There are legitimate uses for firearms and sportsmen/hunters need not fear for their guns. But we cannot allow this carnage to continue and pretend that we don't know how to stop it.
Do we need stricter law enforcement around guns? Yes. Do we need better mental health resources for troubled and sick individuals? Yes, of course. But without the easy access to guns, those precious little ones would be home with their parents tonight. And those people in the theater in Colorado would be enjoying the holidays...and Gabby Giffords would be whole and healthy...and so many, many more. It must stop!
This is not an unsolvable problem. It can be solved with courageous resolve. You've taken on many worthwhile but controversial issues and you have done the right thing. If you decide to help restore common sense and intelligence to this issue, you will change the future.
Mr. President, we know where your heart is as a parent. Please! With all respect and admiration for you, sir, you can make the difference.


  1. Eloquent as always! Our household stand with you.
    Please, Mr. President, take the bull by the horns and save the next child and lunatic from this madness!! Please.